Illamasqua on my mind

I remember when I first heard of the makeup brand Illamasqua, a couple of years ago. I was in awe when I saw their ads, and I just really wanted to get my hands on a couple of their items, so I flew to London and.. No wait, that was not the reason why I went to London, but hey, almost! I bought a lipgloss, a lipstick and a lipliner. Nowadays I really wanna go back to London to buy more! (Or I can just purchase on Asos.) Here is my Illamasqua wish list!

Eye shadows: Truth, Creep, Intense, Burst

Nail polish: Untold (perfect for christmas) and Perseid
1. Gleam in the color Aurora. I have heard that this is the best highlighter EVER. I'm already in love with Benefit's "High Beam" which is pinkish, whilst Gleam Aurora is more golden. 2. Blush in the color Nymph. 3. Lipsticks in Resist and Liv.

Have you tried any Illamasqua products?

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