Coffee table books I want

I love coffee table books! These are on my wish list right now.

1. Mario Testino - In your face
I've been checking out this book at a bookstore and it's so diverse. Super talented Mario Testino has chosen some of his best pictures from the span of his 30-year long career.

2. Tim Flach - More than human
If you have tried taking pictures of your pet or another animal you'll know -it's not easy, you cannot ask them to sit still (well, unless you have a very obedient dog.) Tim Flach takes the most incredible pictures of our wild and domestic furry friends.

3. Post secret
You've probably heard of the PostSecret-blog. It has gone viral! Anyways, who wouldn't want a collection of secrets on their coffee table?

4. David Lachapelle- Heaven to hell
David Lachapelle is known for quite a few things, however his photography is probably what you will think of when you hear his name. "Heaven to hell" is the last part of a trilogy. From book description : "..the strength of LaChapelle’s work lies in its ability to focus the lens of celebrity and fashion toward more pressing issues of societal concern."

5. The hand written letter project
Designers and creative thinkers alike were invited to write letters and make known their thoughts posed by this situation. Interesting!

6. Tim Walker- Pictures
Now, this is a big book! Tim Walkers fashion photography is so amazing it will take your breath away. If you haven't heard of him, please google him! Do yourself a favor!

Do you have a favorite coffee table book?

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