DIY: Dalecarlian horse makeover!

I had this Dalecarlian horse (or Dalahäst in swedish) in a box. It's kinda cute, but the colors doesn't really fit with the rest of my interior. I also suffer from IHEARTPINK-syndrom, so I decided to paint the
 Brushes and hobby laquer ready!
 I decided to go for the baby pink. Here's a picture after painting two coats. 
Final result! I added magenta glitter, cut sequins and flat-back pastel rhinestones using stone glue.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Aww! This is a really cute DIY! I love how you cut the sequins in half to make a mane:)

  2. oh this is really cute ! great job !
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you´re follow me & ill follow back :)

    Happy Sunday !




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