My summer

After a long and cold winter, it has been weird seeing norway so green and sunny. I have been reading and writing on my novel, been smelling like a mix of sunblock and Clean-perfume, had ten wonderful days in Italy and visited my lovely friends in Oslo. I've been drinking tea and watched feel good movies on rainy days, cuddled with my sisters new kitten and had way too much ice-cream. This summer has been exactly like the summer should be. However, I can't wait until autumn. I love that season of year!


                                                                         Santiago <3
                                                                   My red summer hair

                                                             Castellamare del Golfo, Sicily.

                                                                           Me and Kira.
How has your summer been?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your hair color is so amazing. What do you use? I used to be a coppery red (and loved it, only switched because I was craving change in general) but I never got it so rich and vibrant. Share your secrets! Thanks too for stopping by and commenting,

    1. Hi Nomadic D! First of all: thank you!
      Well, before I dyed it, my hair was very light blonde. My hairdresser dyed it light brown with a lot of copper, and that picture was taken the day after. Sadly, the copper tones fade very quickly :( So now, a couple of weeks later, my hair looks very brown with a hint of orange :(

  2. Those photos are so so cool <3 I'm in love with that kitty <3




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